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The Why of Sports Design

4.4 out of stars 4.5/5 on Amazon

  • Paperback: 157 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1987402472
  • ISBN-13: 978-1987402476

Read in over 14 countries!

The Why of Sports Design: Principles in Sports Marketing was published in May 2018 and is available in print and e-book editions at Amazon and Apple iBooks.

Design isn’t just pushing pixels around a screen. Properly trained designers are thinkers and problem solvers that can anticipate an audience’s needs and habits in any graphic. And with the average human attention span now at a quick 8 seconds, a designer must be able to inform and entertain an audience in a short amount of time. But, in order to effectively reach your audience, you must learn the “why” of design before you can master the “how.”

In the sports industry, design plays an important role in the success of any program. Yet, the gap between teams that value design and those that rely on staff with no formal design training is widening. This book offers tips, tricks and rules for those inexperienced designers, both in and out of the sports industry.

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“The Why of Sports Design is a practical and valuable tome on the fundamentals of what it takes to create for the most passionate brand loyalists on earth, sports fans. Steve covers the bases of sports design with clarity and precision. I’d especially recommend The Why of Sports Design to any younger designer who’s just starting to make their mark in our field, a solid resource and a good read.”
– Noted brand designer Todd Radom

“After spending $20 on lunch I figured I’d spend $20 more on something that will actually make me better and inspire me in new ways!”
– Sebouh Majarian, ESPN

“So much useful information that even the most experienced sports designers can learn from. Highly recommend to any designer trying to break into the industry!”
-Garrett Little

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